Web hosting company accidentally deletes part of the Internet while trying to clean up its servers

13In any company accidentally delete a large part of the Internet while cleaning up of its web server. UK hos company 123-reg, that host 1.7 million website and has said that an error during maintenance of its system had deleted many of its users files and folder. It has remain unclear whether and then those websites will restore that many of the company user were hit. But some times client and customer said that they had lost access to all of the folder or file and website after the catastrophic error.

web-hosting-servicesSoftware firm INNMaster wrote on its news site that At 7am on Saturday morning someone at our host provider ran a script that had a catastrophic error in it. The result was that the script deleted the server and website of all their client and customers. Hence the company it had its website backed up and so could after some time implement and their disaster recovery plan. But a number of other company do not appear to have had such safeguard in place and may have lost access to their website. There are many problem affected to those clients that use 123-reg’s virtual private server product. VPS allow people to host their site on a company’s server and rather than to buy their own to store their pages and send them to client and customer when they request them.

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123-reg’s website has been updated with post about the problem from this last weekends. When One told to the client that if they have a local backup of their file then they should use it but did not give an update on how much data was being restore for those that did not. 123-reg said in a statement that it would like to extend our apologies to effect client and assure them that we are doing everything we can to restore their data as quickly as possible.

Hence a representative of the company admitted that an error during maintenance work effectively deleted the content of some of its server. We can conclude that the issue faced have resulted in some data loss for some client the firm admitted to the BBC, to say that it had begun a recovery process.

large_Global_computer_networkThe company said that in an email to client which it was now trying to copy recovered files onto new server and that some website would be restore overnight. It also confirmed that it would look over all of its automated script and make sure that website could not be deleted without human intervention in future.

Story mirror that of another web host which became famous after saying he had deleted his entire company by accident last week. He has since claim that his story was a hoax. 123-reg has been accidentally deleted a number of its client website.

domain_hostingA web host is a company that rents out space on a computer with a large storage capacity to website owner and publish the website on the Internet. The service assign your website a unique Uniform Resource Locator based on your domain name that is like an address that lets anyone find you on the Internet. Some free website host provider service can be slow and have limited feature and support. Due to this low level of web host provider that will give in cheapest rate and the owner are very confused to purchase this. Some times they used to purchase for their website and after all the conclusion is that their files are documents get crashed.

The service that host 1.7m sites in the UK said an error made during maintenance effectively deleted what was on some of its servers.

We can conclude that the issues faced have resulted in some data loss for some client the firm admitted. Then it has started a process as recovery process but advised client with their own data backup to rebuild their own website. The web host that has 800,000 customers in the UK. They would not say how many websites had been deleted but said it was a small proportion.

Since the maintenance mistake was made on a virtual private server it was able to wipe out many websites in one go. Many of the website owner keep their back up files but if any one not then they will go in loss.

The data loss has left the affected online businesses without a website to trade from and 123-reg has been flooded with messages on social media criticising its limited communication.

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