Symantec partners with hosting providers to offer free TLS certificates to website owners

Symantec-partners-with-hosting-providers-to-offer-free-TLS-certificates-to-website-owners-450x211Through Web hosting companies Symantec wants to see the encrypted Web grow and will offer free basic SSL/TLS certificates to domain owners that can join its new Encryption Everywhere program and application.

This company has already signed partnership with more than 10 hosting providers, including InterNetX, CertCenter, Hostpoint, Zoned and and many more in Europe. It is close to finalizing deals with ten other. The customers of those companies will receive a basic website encryption package which include a standard TLS certificate valid for one year and they can use easily to get more profit.

ssl-lock-internet-100263533-largeIt Depend on their needs and requirements, customers will also be able to opt for paid premium packages that include extended validation certificates or wild-card certificates. It is valid for multiple websites that hosted on different sub domains.

In 2010 According to Symantec, it has operates one of the world’s largest certificate authorities after acquiring Verisign certificate business in the basis of customer needs. It is only around 3 percent of all Internet websites that are currently using SSL/TLS encryption.

symantec_encryption_everywhere_logo-100650318-primary.idgeFrom a business purpose Symantec is for the first time, they are adopting the freemium pricing model where a product with basic functionality. It is offered for free on the premise that a percentage of client will later decide to pay for more advanced features.

Roxane Divol said that the need for privacy for legitimate individuals and company is growing and it’s that need that we are responding too. The general manager for the Website Security division at Symantec. This certificate can generate needs for good governance for web hosting and they will help client to grow up search engine in the top. It gives more feature for costumer when certificates need to be revoked and that is also something that we pay a lot of attention to.

easy-button-100623473-primary.idge_-600x400In recent years, privacy and security experts have called for widespread encryption of Internet communications following the revelations of bulk Internet surveillance by intelligence agencies like the U.K.’s Government Communications Headquarters or the U.S. National Security Agency .

Bruce Schneier, Cryptography and Security Expert, believes that overall encryption will make eavesdropping more expensive and could force the intelligence agencies to hopefully give up on wholesale collection. This could also cause them to start to target people over what they are currently doing. They has access to cache secret data leaked by the former NSA contractor which can encrypt files easily.

Symantec is not the first Certificate Authority to offer free certificates in an attempt to encourage website owners to encrypt their customers traffic. The Let’s Encrypt project, a certificate authority run by the Internet Security Research Group and backed by Mozilla, Google Chrome, Cisco, face book, Akamai, and many more has already issued over a million free certificates in 3 months of their launch.

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According to Roxane Divol, this certificate has been working on its Encryption Everywhere program or application for a long time. They are mainly focused on the seamless integration with the management platforms used by web hosting providers.

Unlike the Let’s Encrypt project, that requires customers to have some knowledge regarding the deployment and management certificate, Encryption Everywhere’s integration with web hosting panels that makes it easy for people without such technical knowledge to obtain and use certificates. There is one major difference the Let’s Encrypt and the Symantec is taking when it comes to provide the certificate.

https-100579219-carousel.idgeThe main issue with making it easy for website owners to deploy encryption is that it also lowers the entry bar for cyber criminals and website hackers. When you search about it for Buying TLS or SSL certificates to encrypt malicious traffic which didn’t make much business sense for cyber criminal, because they typically switch domain names at a fast pace to evade detection by security company. Now the certificates can be acquired for free and in an automated manner. The security and privacy solutions will likely have to deal with an increase in malicious encrypted traffic. Then the certificate have been acquired for free and work it easily in automated manner.

when you are talking about the issues with malicious traffic then this certificate will play out more in the longer term then the short term. the general thinking is that improving everyone’s privacy and security by widespread use of encryption on the Web outweighs any potential risk of attacks becoming harder to detect. So that you can use easily and make your search engine in the top rank.

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Symantec Website Security have provide industry leading privacy and security for websites, data, and applications with SSL/TLS, certificate management, vulnerability assessment, WAF/DDoS, malware scanning, etc. The Norton Secured Seal and Symantec Seal-in-Search assure customers they are safe to search, browse, interact, and buy. Symantec Website Security’s sophisticated solutions offer the promise of a safe and trusted Internet experience across all websites and applications.

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