How To Remove Virus When Server got infected

Virus-Removal-and-Protection-300x225Although many of the people are aware of fact that their personal system can be completely destroyed by a virus if the proper anti-virus software is not used. Many don’t realize that websites are also just as vulnerable to malware. Just as a infection can infect your PC hard drive and utilize your computers resources and the same thing can happen to a web server that hosts your website. Suppose you are a serious online business owner then you may want to consider the following information pertaining to website virus, how and when they are spread. How they can affect the success of your site?

How Websites Are Infected:

large_Global_computer_networkThere are many ways a virus can enters to your website, each one requiring the hacker gain access to the Web server in some way or another. Although this may sound like a rare occurrence, it is actually quite common. The hacker never actually has do any manual work to accomplish this. The hacker starts by getting an online business owner to download Virus to their personal computer. Once the virus is on the computer of the site owner, it will begin to log all of the keystroke that they type on their keyboard. When they go to log into their web host account, their password is cataloged into a database automatically and the account is hacked.

How Website Malware Are Spread:

pc_virus_worm_trojan_malware_keyboard-100028393-galleryWhen the hacker has access to your web host account they are free to install malicious script on your web server that can be used to spy on your traffic source, redirect your traffic, change the content of your site, and infect the computer of all of your site visitor. The virus uploads itself to the web server and begin to install itself on websites that are contained on that server. Thus, website Virus are more prevalent within shared host plan as a single web server can be shared by hundreds or even thousands of web master. In fact, the website owner never even has to have virus on their personal computer to have their website affected. The Virus spreads from site to site within the Web server itself and therefore is often a security issue that web host service must deal with on an urgent basis.

One of the business owner working on reputed company and they said that:

Quand je choisir le fournisseur d’hébergement web pour mon classement de site Web j’ai vu que certains de mes fichiers a perdu du site en raison de l’infection par le virus. j’étais pleinement inquiet et pense que ce qu’il faut faire. J’ai cherché partout puis un de mes amis me suggérer d’utiliser cet outil. J’ai utilisé et maintenant j’ai obtenu mes fichiers.

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So if your web server has affected by any type of virus then you remove Virus and make your website infection free.

How Can Viruses Affect Your Website?

Having a virus infection on your website can greatly damage the reputation of your online business and ultimately result in a significant loss of traffic. Most Internet surfer have an anti virus software installed which will warn them when they are about to visit a website that is infected with a virus. If your website is affected the majority of visitor will be warned not to enter your site. Even customers that do not have anti-virus software installed may be warned not to enter your site by search engines, which frequently catalog sites that are reported to be infected.

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