GlowHost Launches New PHP7 Application Delivery System, Increases Speed and Performance of Web Hosting

On 14th April 2016 at STUART Fla, GlowHost announced this week the launch of PHP7: an advanced application delivery system designed to, according to the developer they said that the power everything from website and mobile to enterprise and the cloud.

professional-web-hostingAs per the announcement of its developer, PHP7 revert some of the most essential change to the platform since 2004. The key benefit of this new version is depends upon its speed among these. The benchmark Performance display an impressive 72% increase in speed to run Drupal over previous version, Particularly when we are comparing to PHP 5.6. WordPress also display similar performance increase which is about to near 75%, when running on PHP7 and Magento run three times faster.

Web-Hosting-CloudGlowHost CEO Matthew Lundstrom said that We were particularly impressed with how various PHP frame work performed under 7. It also tested well under a number of ecommerce platform. We think this is going to translate into a noticeable increase in performance for our customer. The GlowHost offers the eight version of PHP currently, said by the Lundstrom. They are allowing developer the versatility to choose the one which works best with their web apps. Lundstrom said also that we offer one of the most extensive PHP module library available on production server today including Ffmpeg. You can check all the images which have given below.

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According to the developer of PHP7 with Zend Engine 3.0 provides apps with up to 2x faster performance and 50% better memory consumption over PHP 5.6. Hence, the result is the ability to serve a large number of concurrent user without the need to add more hardware.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAYLAAAAJDNmOTM5MTI5LTU0OTUtNDAyNy05MDMzLTIyYzZiOGZlNTFjZgLundstrom said that we have always had the distinction of being early adopter of new technology at GlowHost and we are excited to see how well our client benefit from the launch of PHP7. The benefit really are off the chart. The Lundstrom has mention that the company commitment to early confirmation has positioned GlowHost on a short list of provider which is currently able to offer PHP7 on all hosting package. He said that if people migrate their website and host them on Glow Host’s PHP7 platform they can see website performance increase by 70-80% compared to the 99% of other web host still running PHP5.

In business or individual which are interested to find out more about Glow Host web host provider and to roll out of PHP 7 are invited to contact the company on the Glow Host official websites. If you are choosing the best web host provider on PHP7 then you must know about this company for that you must see the official websites of this company.

HostingThere are 70 to 80 percent improvement on apps in which the performance gain from upgrade to PHP7. The apps of this version will perform fast at lower server memory utilization. Todays in this moder era, technology has increased saturation and better connectivity and the load of work will be increase. PHP 7 has powered by Zend NG that have gave facility to improve capacity so that more users can access the same server in a time without any need for hardware upgrade. It has delivers additional highly features include declaration, scalar type hints etc

PHP 7 has deliver certain functionalities for the improvement in performance with the PHP hosting. In the previous version of the PHP was some coding issue and slow work on the websites. PHP 7 have handles more than twice as many user request per second. It gives 100% improvement on the performance for word press websites. It has launched as a quick and easy way to fix the problem of the word press website users. The improvement is still in noticeable because the Existing element may affect in website performance such as updating media, latency, browsing queries will slow down, and many more.

About Glow Host:

banner-img1Glow Host has founded in 2002, this web host provider is an award winning web host that gives you highly reliable web hosting service at a fraction of the cost of other service provider. GlowHost currently supplies tens of thousands of client or customer worldwide with dedicated web server which is located in 16 data centers and offers CDN services across 77 global Pops. GlowHost also offer a 91-day money back guarantee and 100% network uptime SLA and 20 minute support response or resolution. GlowHost is an accredited member of the BBB with an A+ rating and consistently receive the highest awards from 3rd-party web hosting site.

GlowHost hosting accounts include more than 300 popular web apps such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal that can be install with just a few mouse-click. GlowHost offers manage web host via dedicated server and cloud cluster and can easily build reliable and custom infrastructure based on your needs. It is utilizing hundreds of year of combined employee technical expertise.

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