How to Free Recovery Lost/Deleted Photos from Web Server

13When you are going for to choose web host provider then you must have to see the review of the company. This is very tough task to choose the right web hosting provider as many companies promise to offer 99% uptime, technical support, ultimate resource, and knowledgeable support. But sometimes they will cheat you then do not take tension we will help you. Here is some tips or ways to decide that the best package suits your needs. Every Business owner want to gain profit for that they are writing good content in their websites or blogs. For that you must choose best web host service. There are many error occurs while uploading any thing on the web server.

There are five major reasons for these errors to occur in web server:

1. Incorrect web server configuration

virus-attackWhen your web server is configured with incorrect directory then they can cause 500 error to occur. If you have checked the following remaining causes, and they fail to resolve the issue, then the problem surely is of the server configuration. So the web hosting support should take care of the problem. They can blame the error on software you have installed without even to check to see what is contained in their error log.

2. Incorrect file permissions:

It is not a good idea to think that setting permission more loosely such as 777 or on contrary setting permission too strict that will relieve the problem. It can actually often cause this and other error.

3. Corrupt files or files containing errors in code:

removal-of-virus-250x250Sometimes error in file transfer to the web server cause corruption to occur. It may look like the file is to sit there just fine but something in the process caused the file to be unusable by the server.

4. PHP memory limits set too low:

It can be solve in by the two way that is ask your web host to increase your PHP limit. You should upload theme via an FTP client.

5. Conflicting Third Party Plugins Should Be Deactivated:

You have to Login to your dashboard and go to plugin section. Must deactivate all plugins. Now check your front end page again. If it loads without error, you have a plugin conflict. Start activating each plugins one by one.

dreamstime_xxl_22154143So if your web server has affected by any error or you are unable to open your websites then no need to take tension. There are two way that will help you ti restore files from your web server. If you are technical expert then you can go through this method other wise use third party tool. For more details click on this below link:-

Mac Document Recovery

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