How to Check and Remove Malware from an Infected Website


Everyday, lots of websites are being hacked and infected by Malware. The hacker install malicious code and links to websites that are deemed as bad neighbors or malicious. When your websites infect malware then the site owner and visitors can’t see the anchor text and links to these malicious sites. It can make your website unsafe. When visitor open any webpage then automatically get redirected to other unknown pages. Where display lots of fake ads and pop-ups to misguide you. Although you can’t see the code, Google can still crawl your site and index those links that are found in your source code.

Main purpose of the hackers is to infect your website with malware.

Common malware threats include-

  • Phishing – Used to acquire usernames, passwords, email addresses, and other sensitive information
  • Malicious Redirects – Visitors redirects to other page that misleading you.
  • Pharma Hacks – Injects spam into your website database or files
  • Backdoors – Open a backdoor to hackers for access to your website at any time using FTP or your WordPress admin area
  • Drive by Downloads – When a hacker uses a script to download a file to the users computer, its misleading the visitor and saying the software is very useful.
  • File and Database Injections – Inserts code into your files or database.

Symptoms of malware get infected into your websites

  • Access to security related websites is blocked.
  • You get redirected to web pages other than the one you intended to go to.
  • You receive numerous web-browser pop-up messages.
  • Strange or unexpected toolbars appear at the top of your websites.
  • Your websites runs slower than usual.
  • Your websites freezes, hangs or is unresponsive.
  • There are new icons on your desktop that you do not recognize.

How to check if you have malicious content on your website?

In order to find this malicious code in your websites, you will have to view the source code in your browser. If you are using Firefox, go to View or Page Source. Check to see if there are any random links going to various sites that are usually related to drugs, gambling, porn, etc. These links are usually at the openand closedtags of the main index page.

How to Remove Malicious Links

If you have a self hosted WordPress blog, then upload the core installation files which will over-write the existing files. It currently reside on your server. When new files have been uploaded, then check your source code on your index page and see if the malicious links are gone. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, go to View/Page Source.

You should need to do the following:

1.You will change your WordPress admin password (Use number less than 8 characters with at least one number, one uppercase character and a special character)
2. Change your FTP password
3. Check your .htaccess file/s for any malicious content and set the file permission to read only.

How to check if your website is safe with Google

You can view the Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic Report for your site at:

Replace with the name of your site.

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