Best Way to Fix Corrupted cr2 Files Mac

Hii there, I am looking for solution to fix corrupted cr2 files mac. All happened that last night while transferring some cr2 files onto my Mac system unexpectedly computer shutdown and transfer process interrupted. When restarted the system I found many of cr2 files missing as well as some are unable to open. Tried mine bit of luck to regain them but all in vain. I desperately need them back. Help with a complete solution for cr2 repair Mac!!

cr2 recovery

Really awful!! Isn’t It?? Losing precious photos you captured investing lots of time is bad moment for any one. CR2 is well known raw image file format that is been used by Canon digital camera which can be easily and comfortable converted into more readily form. Cr2 file formats are normally uncompressed, high-quality as well as large in size. However, like other file format cr2 files are too delicate and a little mistake may result in deletion or severe corruption of cr2 files. Some very commonly seen reasons for need of cr2 file recovery are listed below:-

  • Making use of untrusted third party antivirus.
  • Severe virus or malware infection to storage media.
  • Inaccessible, corrupt and unreadable memory card.
  • Interruption while cr2 files transferring to other devices.
  • Suddenly ejection of the card from the connected devices.
  • Accidentally deleting the files while removing unwanted one.
  • Unexpected error messages forcing you to format memory card.
  • Unintentionally formatting the cr2 files containing storage media.

No matter what’s the reasons behind need for fixing corrupted cr2 files but you don’t need to be desperate as there there cr2 recovery macis complete solution to fix corrupted cr2 files mac. If you have lose data on Mac OS X then you can check into “Trash” folder to restore the lost data. If you haven’t emptied the Trash folder you can easily get them back. In case you are Windows user, look into “Recycle Bin” folder as there you might find the deleted data but same condition applies you shouldn’t deleted them permanently.

Really situation become more worse after such incident. As always recommended if you have done backup get ready to get them back from there. In case you forgotten to make backup you don’t need to panic as here we are sharing “Top Rated Software To Fix Corrupted CR2 Files Mac”.

Top Rated Software To Fix Corrupted CR2 Files Mac

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery 4.7/5
Wondershare Photo Recovery 4.2/5
MiniTool Power Data Recovery 4.1/5

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

Pictures are precious things and they make us feel good in our good old days. CR2 file extension that’s supported by Canon camera are too good but like other image files format they are too fragile and under different circumstances they may gets deleted. Really it’s a sad but now not so as Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is there. The suggested toolstellar is awesome and designed by experienced professionals with much simple and interactive interface so that a novice can make use of it to fix corrupted cr2 files mac. The tool is supported on both the Windows and Mac OS platform. So, in case you are looking for solution to fix corrupted cr2 files on Windows, Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is best choice for you.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is well designed application by group of experienced professionals. Along with .cr2 file extension the suggested tool is capable to retrieve other images, videos and music file format in much easy way. Making the use of the suggested tool you can restore some other kind of images file format like EPSON (ERF), Nikon (NEF, NRW), PSP, PCT, JP2, Fujifilm (RAF), PSP, Adobe (DNG), DJVU, PGM, TGA, Kodak (K25 /KDC /DCR), Pentax (PEF), MOS, GIF, Olympus (ORF), Leaf (MOS), Konica Minolta (MRW), Mamiya (MEF), Panasonic (RAW), TIFF (Motorola and Intel), Adobe EPS (Mac). So, if you are one who desperately looking for a way to regain back corrupted cr2 files on Mac or Windows Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is the ultimate solution.

Key features of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

  • Able to recover 100+ multimedia file types.
  • Give previews of the corrupted files in safe mode.
  • Retrieve deleted pictures with original date and time.
  • Improved user interface to maximize user experience.
  • Zoomed in and Zoomed out features in the preview mode.
  • Facilitates recovery from memory card and digital cameras.
  • Easily undelete lost, damaged, corrupted or inaccessible photos.

Wondershare Photo Recovery

Photo loss is really awful moment and situation become more worse if you had forgotten to do the backup. Really disappointing but with the availability of Wondershare Photo Recovery you can easily and effectively fix corrupted cr2 files mac. It is easy-to-use digital photo recovery software that is compatible with both the Mac and Windows computer system. The tool is designed by well known professionals and especially to recover photos, videos and audioWondershare-Photo-Recovery files from different kind of storage devices. No matter what’s the reasons either accidental, severely damaged or corrupted making use of Wondershare Photo Recovery you can easily regain your important and priceless cr2 files.

Wondershare Photo Recovery has very simple and interactive interface that make it very simple to use even for the novice. Its awesome features such as offering you to restart the photo recovery during scan process as well as offering you a thumbnail preview that lets you confirm the recovered data make it more impressive and desirable among tech savvy. In addition to the aforementioned features Wondershare Photo Recovery also help the user to restore the lost data with original file names as well as storage paths. The tool perfectly works with Mac OS X 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, or 10.6 as well as with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP. So, if you are one of them who are in need solution to fix corrupted cr2 files then Wondershare Photo Recovery is all in one and most preferable software.

Key features of Wondershare Photo Recovery

  • No need for recovery skills or auxiliary tools.
  • Restore deleted photos with original file names.
  • All recovered data are categorized automatically.
  • Restore photos lost as result of accidental deletion.
  • Its very easy to pause, or restart the photo recovery.
  • Thumbnail Preview helps you to check the image quality.
  • File system NTFS, FAT16, FAT32 or exFAT are supported.
  • Capable to recover all photos, video and music lost anyway.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is yet another awesome and comprehensive tool to fix corrupted cr2 files mac. The tool include powerful data recovery module and follows simple techniques that make it easy to use photo recovery MiniTool-Power-Data-Recoverytool. It has data preview effect and the recovery process is very simple. In just simple 3 steps you can recover the lost data. These very three step includes:- Select file types >> Scan >> Preview and Recover. More awesome feature is that MiniTool Power Data Recovery incorporates “Advanced Filter” that let you to filter out unnecessary files. Its simple and very interactive interface provides easy solutions for deleted, lost and damaged .cr2 file recovery.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery is able to restore wide range of multimedia files as well as from all types of the digital devices whether you are trying to recover data from memory card, CD/DVD, hard drive or flash drive. Additionally the tool is compatible with all the version of Windows like Windows 2000 /XP /Vista /Windows 7 /Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 /2008 /2003 and Mac system like Mac OS X 10.5 and above. Hence, if you looking for flexible, accurate as well as time-saving data recovery tool to fix corrupted cr2 files then MiniTool Power Data Recovery is best option.

Key features of MiniTool Power Data Recovery

  • Fast, safe and easy to use.
  • Clean & Wizard-based interface.
  • Recovers from flash memory cards.
  • Four powerful recovery functional modules.
  • Recover data lost due to deletion and corruption.
  • Flexible, accurate and time-saving data recovery tool.
  • Provides data recovery from inaccessible RAW partition.

Recuva Photo Recovery

Apart from the software stated above, one more amazing utility is there named as Recuva Photo Recovery. This very tool is great designed by experienced professionals with much easy to use, understandable steps so that even a novice recuvacan make it to fix corrupted cr2 files mac. The very suggested software is capable to restore all the kinds of multimedia files such as photos, music and video files lost anyway. Its powerful scanning technology through scan the drives and no matter what’s the reason behind data loss it can easily restore them. Additionally the tool is capable to recover files that have been lost due to bugs, crashes or viruses as well as ensure accurate recovery of all type of multimedia files. Recuva Photo Recovery is compatible with all the version of Windows computer system including Windows XP/Vista or Windows 7/8/8.1/10 as well as able to recover lost multimedia files from Mac OS X. Thus, try the very tool if you are novice or trying recovery software for first time as Recuva Photo Recovery is awesome tool to fix corrupted cr2 files mac.

Key Features of Recuva Photo Recovery:-

  • Lightweight and fast applications.
  • Provides filter for results based on different file name/type.
  • Simple and easy to use interface as it has simple click buttons.
  • Restores files from the external drives and other digital devices.
  • Restore all types of files as well as supports all file formats recovery.

Download Recuva

Why Choose Stellar Photo Recovery Over Others?

Choosing the right software among the aforementioned one is really a great job and too a hectic task. Situation become more complex if you are to use the software for first time. Well, you don’t need to worry so much as Stellar Photo Recovery Software is the best software to go with. The software is very easy to use as it has been designed by professionals experts with simple interface that makes it simple to use for novice. In addition to fix corrupted cr2 files mac the very tool is capable to fix corrupted cr2 files on Windows computer system. Its powerful scanning algorithm help you to restore all kind of images, pictures of all format including CR2 files as well as the Stellar Photo Recovery Software is capable to restore erased audio files, videos and some other form of data.

How to Use Stellar Photo Recovery Software On Windows OS

Step 1:- Install Stellar Photo Recovery Software on Windows. Click to ‘Recover Photo, Audio, & Video’ from main interface.

Step 2:- Choose specific drive from where you want to “recover photo and videos”. Choose the drive for recovery >> Select ‘Scan Now’.

Step 3:- Select storage media for scanning of photo, video and audio files.

Step 4:- Here, you can select range of data from the storage media which customize scan process and minimizes the scan timing.

Step 5:- The progress bar shows scanning and then scanned data is stored as tree in left side of the pane.

Step 6:- Following successful scan you can see the files through preview. Finally, Click to ‘Recover’ option for saving files.

Step 7:- Select desired location for saving multimedia items on Windows and progress bars will shows the process.

How to Use Stellar Photo Recovery Software On Mac OS X

Step 1:- Download Stellar Photo Recovery Software. Click on ‘Recover Photo Audio & Video’ option in order to start process.

Step 2:- All volumes and drives of hard disk are shown below. Select drive from where you required to recover data.

Step 3:- Select ‘Advance Scan’ option to enables choosing particular file format or sector range of storage media for scanning.

Step 4:- Here you will get preview of items that are being scanned, items are stored as tree like structure available for preview option.

Step 5:- You can also preview items individually >> Click on ‘Recover’ option to save files.

Step 6:- Finally recovered files are saved to the desired location.

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