Backing up Your Website: The Ultimate Guide

Website-RedesignMany of the business man used to host their sites with best web host provider that can high their site rank. But some times they don’t know that their websites are crashed because of some reasons like virus infection. For that you must back up your data or documents of your websites.

There are five reason why you should back up your website:

1. It is not your web host responsibility to make back up available to you.

A surprising number of web host do not back up your site regularly. Of the few that do, most of them simply do so for their own protection and don’t make the file or data available to their client.

2. To Store the original development site isn’t enough.

When you develop your site on a test server or your local computer then you may think that is enough to protect you. However, over time website are tweaked and changed and those change often won’t be reflected in the original version. If you run a forum blog or CRM system much of your valuable content is upload by your user and won’t exist in any other place than on your website.

3. You need to be ready to react quickly.

To Have an up to date back up in place will allow you to get back online quickly after a mishap. There are many reason why you need to get your site back online quickly including loss of income and potential SEO penalties.

4. Peace of mind.

Before I started to back up my website, it was always on my mind that I need to do something. It was my responsibility and I had be letting a lot of people down if I lost the latest version of my site.

5. It is your protection against virus.

Web hosts do not tend to pro-actively run malware and virus scanner against your site. Therefore, to keep a backup may be your easiest and best protection that allow you to turn back the clock after an attack. While this does not prevent attacks, it does cure them when needed.

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Backup Solutions: Manual backups

  • You have to remember to back up regularly.
  • It can take a long time to download a big website.
  • There is no way to only download files that have changed.
  • You must manually monitor the download to ensure that it has completed properly.
  • You need to create your own, logical way of managing and storing the backed-up files.

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