5 things to consider before choosing a Web hosting provider

Web-Hosting-ProvidersThere are a multiple number of articles which cover the blogging websites and publishing platform. So that you must be careful while choosing a web host provider. You must check before purchasing the web host provider to see that which one is bad or which one is good. A bed host provider can be easily rub off all the good in then so be alert. Here are given some symptoms that will help you to choose the nest one web host provider.

A bad Web host can:

  • Have negative effects on your search rankings
  • End up wasting your money, hard work and other resources
  • Ultimately affect your online authority in the long run

Screenshot-2014-03-02-22.43.34This is very tough task to choose the right web hosting provider as many companies promise to offer 99% uptime, technical support, ultimate resource, and knowledgeable support. But sometimes they will cheat you then do not take tension we will help you. Here is some tips or ways to decide that the best package suits your needs.
Every Business owner want to gain profit for that they are writing good content in their websites or blogs. The main aim is to make maximum profit but they are doing some mistakes and their websites are not growing up. There are few thing that can happen, when they do not choose the right hosting company.

Before settling on a Web hosting provider, here are five things you should be aware of:

1. Not all big-name Web hosts are good for you:

web hosting logo 6Big name Web hosts are very wonderful companies which have built their brand to success over time. However, customers sometimes get blindsided by their successes so much which they don’t pay attention to whether their hosting solutions would suit their business needs or not. And in reality, they are not one-size-fits-all Web hosts. Sometimes, people end up having issues with them. In many case people did not see the bad corner of the host provider on the Internet and they used to purchase that provider this is wrong way. So you should check first that it is filling your needs and requirement or not.

2. Cut-rate hosting may not be your best bet:

mainIf your sites needs some unique software and word press then you must see the factors not price. There are many features from various web host and low price web host may be not provide you all the features that your site needs. When you want to get more information about your web host provider features then you could check out their sites or look at the third party review online. If the third party review might be good and full fill your needs and requirement then you must go through it. just like what Abdullahi mentioned – “I’ve used some big name Web hosts in the past, and while they make sweet promises, their services are not really that good.”

3. Information from third party reviewers:

shared-hosting-providers1To choosing a best web host provider is very important decision that you must check the features of the host provider. Keep in mind that you are business people who wants to sell. You must check the third party reviewers and give your opinions also so that you can take your decision base on those. A few quality you should look out in review that is uptime, speed, support and so on. It is one of the great thing through social media you can ask a question related to your company and you will get top rank in the search engine results. So must take a customer review also.

So how do you measure a Web host’s uptime? It’s often measured by “Nines”, according Hosting Manual. Here’s how they translate downtime for 30 days:

99 percent – Two Nines equals seven hours and 12 minutes downtime
99.9 percent – Three Nines equals 43 minutes and 12 seconds
99.99 percent – Four Nines equals four minutes 19 seconds
99.999 percent – Five Nines equals 26 seconds
99.9999 percent – Six Nines equals three seconds

So it is clear that 99 percent uptime which is a web host with a downtime of seven hours and 12 minutes in a month is the best.

4. Testing customer support is allowed:

indexYou must interact with the reviewers and tell you opinion that you can check the details of the web host provider. You should ask question and pay attention to how each web hosting provider deals with your question. For asking question you can use any of their support channel like online chat, email and so on. A web hosting customer support service should be available 24 hours a day that you can prompt solutions and will show up any time. A web hosting provider will keep your web sites secure and safe. They will gives you technical support, security and 24 hours support.

5. Security Strength:

web_design_img1It is very essential to see that web host provider have gives you security strength or not. You should look at the security strength while purchasing web host provider. You must check that it is providing you back up plan or not, once you lose your site content then that time what you will do. See that web host provider can scan for malware and helps prevent your site from being black listed. Also a site lock badge on your site shows protection and inspires clients trust.

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