5 Common Web Hosting Problems And How To Avoid Them

web-hosting-servicesNow a days, digital technology in the form of Internet spread the wing of world wide and the more business are coming ahead to establish their online presence per-day. Then in the process of to launch a website over the web server, it is very important that one should select the right web host service to avoid problem related with web host provider in the future. In this Today’s technology, there are a lot of web host company in the market which deals or offer seemingly great web hosting plan with over 99 percent uptime and a number of additional facilities. It is very tough to find the best web host provider facility.

hostingHence, people choose a web host service attracted by the multiple facility provided by them. But in order to select the most appropriate web hosting service for you, you need to better concentrate on the factor which you need to avoid in a web hosting plan. In below there are some of the most common web hosting problem and tips on how to keep away from them that you need to consider prior to select a web hosting service.

1. Slow Website Loading and Navigation Speed:

For a site to get more traffic, it is very important that have fast navigation within the site. The web host provider service play a big part with regard to the navigation speed of the website. If a web site take long time to load and too much time in internal navigation then it is bound to get less user. This will also result in to lower down the list of the site in the search results. Overall, it will greatly reduce the amount of visitor coming to the site. You must check where the data center of your web host service provider are located. If the data centers are located nearer to your website user, then it will increase the speed of your website.

domain_hostingHence the amount of delay in the navigation of a website is known as network latency. You need to ensure that the web host you select are taking all the due care to reduce their network latency by to make use of quality hardware and support team. You can also check whether your web hosting provider with a Content Delivery Network. It will enable cache version of the static portion of your web site to be available at optimized speed to different location and it may well drastically improve the speed, specially when you have people visiting your site from across the globe.

2. Excessive Cost of a Web Hosting Plan:

The fact is that usually company offer service only up to the amount you pay for. When they offer free hosting service, you need to see what company are to gain in return from you like advertising space or pay of other product you may use. You must see that company is providing with the required bandwidth and data as per your needs and whether or not they allow upgrading to a paid hosting plan in the future.

3. Too Much Time in Resolving Web Hosting Problems:

You need to make sure to check what type of and how much support does the web hosting company provide. There are some companies which provide 24 x 7 x 365 days online support to resolve any of your queries at any time.

4. Not Disclosing Limitations of a Web Hosting Plan:

web-hosting-servicesMany web host service provider do not disclose the limitation of their web host service in advance. After hosting your web site, it is very important which does not face a regular downtime on the Internet. You need to have a 99% uptime rate for your website. But many times, companies do not disclose this information as to how much uptime they are able to provide for your website. In such a case, you only have to repent later on, if this aspect turns out to be a limitation of the web hosting company.

5. Low Level of Security Provided by the Web Hosting Company:

There are some web host company that are not able to protect your data from getting hacked or identifying theft possibility. In some times, other even give a false sense of security to client in order to grab host order. For a web host business to run successfully, it needs to have more and more customers. It will get more number of customers only when client will be able to trust and build confidence in that web host company. Thus, it becomes necessary for a web hosting company to assure its customers that it is totally safe and secured to run their business transaction through their web host service.

Keep these points in mind while to review and analyze the service offered by different web host company. By doing so, you will be able to select the right web hosting company which is cost effective and provides speedy solution to customer problem.

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